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Private Dog Training

 Pack Leader Behavioral Consult | Boarding & Training

Pack Leader Consult

Do you feel out of control? Need help fast? Have a specific issues? Need an evaluation? Wondering "Why does my dog do that!?" Don't know where to start?

You'll be just amazed at the difference Pack Leadership will make in your relationship. We can help you make quick improvements with  housebreaking, jumping, out of control behavior, or even some forms of aggression. Bring your dog to our location, and leave many of your problems behind.

Includes 1 month of phone follow up. If you have questions problems, you'll have access to free phone consults for 30 days. $250.00

Call Mary at 847 426 5089 for more information or to schedule.

Private Lessons Package
Four lessons of on leash training will enable you to take comfortable outings on leash and be in control on the walk. Your dog learns basic commands and house manners. Gain control in your home. Enjoy the company of your dog. Be happier. And best of all...see your dog become calmer and happier.  $425

Off Leash Accelerate it Package
See "Accelerate -It" tab for information on Off Leash control options.