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Dog Boarding and Training

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It's only days for you to have a well-trained dog!

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 The Top Dog Program: 14 Day Boarding School Lifetime guaranteed Off Leash training
(This program is suitable for the majority of dogs whether excitable or stubborn, and for those with anxiety, mild aggression, or housebreaking problems.) 

Your dog learns these skills :

  • Polite leash walking manners
  • Sit and stay -when distracted/tempted
  • Settle calmly
  • Come when called off leash, even in a distracting environment
  • Resolve jumping, barking, nipping, stealing objects, digging
  • table & counter surfing etc.
  • mild aggression
  • door bolting & running away
  • Initiate or restore housebreaking
  • Helps most separation anxiety
  • Teaches a pushy dog to respect its family
  • Teaches a shy dog trust and confidence in its family
  • Teaches a rambunctious dog self-control around its family
  • Helps anxious dogs to learn coping skill

At the end of the boarding program, you will learn the necessary handling skills to maintain these behaviors in your home.

Fee includes a top quality electronic training system. Customized instruction for your family and guaranteed for as long as you own your dog!

While you're vacationing, away on a business, or just want your dog well trained, your dog can be away at camp learning how to be the dog you always wanted!

Fast, reliable, gentle results!

Have Off Leash control of your dog in days! This customized, hi-tech, remote collar training program is designed to take you and your dog quickly, gently, and reliably through basic commands. The program will give you a simple way to resolve problem behaviors. You will learn highly effective communication skills that will help strengthen the relationship between you and your beloved canine companion.

We are located NW of Chicago. I train in a 'home environment' and customize your dog's training to fit your unique needs. What's on your wish list?

Please note that for dogs that are aggressive, the length of the stay and related fees may need to be increased.  The outcome may vary depending upon circumstances. This can be addressed during an initial phone call.

I'd love to discuss  the things you want for your dog to be safe and contented in your home. I will teach you how to have these skills and make them last in your home. I customize the training for you to meet your unique needs and goals. Call for more information, to meet with me, meet my dogs, see where your dog will be staying and have your questions answered.

Care Dog Training Carpentersville , IL 60110

Call Mary Mazzeri at 847 426 5089 for more information 

How can I guarantee it?

The training is effective. It lasts. When your dog is ready to come home, We'll show YOU how to maintain your dog's behavior.  Simply live with your dog as we'll teach you at the orientation, and it's unlikely you'll experience loss of training.

What if I do experience loss of training?

Call with any questions you have about the training or your dog's behavior.

Should you need assistance in person, we'll simply book a no charge appointment to bring your dog back to my home. Together, we'll solve the problem.

If an in-person appointment does not resolve the issue, I'll work with your dog until I've fixed the problem. No training charges will apply. (If your dog stays overnight, a boarding fee will apply on a per night basis.)

What do the guarantees cover?

The guarantees cover all the training issues originally established when booking your dog.

 It's Intuitive and... we guarantee the training!  

High Quality Dog Training from an Experienced Professional trainer is "cheap insurance" compared to ...

  • Damage to furniture or possessions due to destructive behaviors.
  • Facing a lawsuit over a bite.
  • Losing your dog when it won't come
  • Stressful living with an out-of-control dog     

Some of our Graduates

Just wanted to quickly update you that Cooper is doing very very well!  I went for a 2 hour walk with him and a friend (who does not have a dog) thru Lincoln Park, and then down the Lakefront path, and over to Water Tower, and back up Lake Shore Drive for the 2nd weekend in a row.  A small dog charged him off leash and he was just fine.  He actually was perfect passing all other dogs!  My friend likes walking with him and said he is "very well behaved"  ... Thank you for helping us!  We are going again next weekend!!!  Cooper says hello! he still is very exhuberant, but that is part of his youth and charm. He still walks very well on a leash now.



From a four footed graduate:  "Thank you so much for taking such good care of me and teaching me all that good stuff; like walking calmly on a leash and going to my place. My humans are much happier! "   Love, Shiloh

From his proud owners: "I have an interesting story about Shiloh and me that I would like to share with you - about just how important the "energy" is for the person holding the lead. To make a long story short, I had Shi out for his morning walk today when I encountered some significant challenges for him (e.g. jogger, bicycles, etc.) - all at the same time. So, I just decided I was going to tap the button when he would alert, say "Let's Go"  and just keep walking like everything was great. Well, he responded perfectly and, basically, kept his cool - I was so proud of him that I made sure to take time out to praise him. Anyway, when I took off the collar to crate him when I left for work, I saw that I had forgotten to turn it on!  So, overall, our work with Shiloh and the remote collar seems to improving every day -  We can't thank you enough for providing the tools, help, and guidance that has given us that hope."   Thank you so much for helping us have a better dog and training us to know how to have a better dog. We appreciate you every day!" Best, Renee & Michael


Payton is a delightful Dobe Shepherd mix who was just a bit too exuberant about life. His people just wanted him to 'listen' to them when they called him and not drag them down the street on a walk. Payton needed to have house manners explained to him, but was a quick learner. Randy and Rita, his proud owners, have done a really nice job of maintaining his new skills.

Payton has a wonderful, friendly temperament and now he knows how to greet people politely. His reward for a job well done? Why his big, red, rubber ball, of course! "Please, Throw it farther, dad!"


"I am so happy. It is going very well! Renzo is a lot calmer now. We go for a walk every day at least once, play catch, visit parents. (Walks are such a pleasure now!) He still wants to jump on people, but he knows that he can’t. We can eat dinner peacefully and watch TV without him jumping all   over us.

I went to PetSmart with him yesterday and, I must admit, I was very proud. Off course, he still gets distracted, but the collar is doing a very good job.

I noticed that he wants to go back to his old habits. Like today, for example, he tried mouthing on me. But I managed to stop it right away. We are still practicing “place”. He is getting much better while we are having dinner.

I am so pleased. It is so much less stress for us now, especially when we work.

So far everything is working out very well; I probably won’t have any questions. But I will definitely give you a call if something comes up."

                                                                Thank you, take care!      Julia


Taffy, the precious Goldendoodle got off to a great start in life as her forward thinking owners asked her to be trained as early as possible. Even as a younger puppy, Taffy quickly learned her exercises. She has boundless energy so we balanced play and train more in line with her  age and attention span. Taffy trained up beautifully and Mike & Marilyn, her proud owners even took her to a few group classes to hone their own skills and to solidify what Taffy learned as a guest at the Mazzeri home.


Rosie and James were quite opposites. Rosie, the Norwegian Elkhound,  is sensitive and willing and loved the attention she was given in her training. James, the Samoyed-Husky, on the other hand, was quite the independent fellow and loved to bolt out the door and gate every chance he got! His exasperated owners were tired of chasing him all over the neighborhood and paying fines at the animal impound.

By carefully transitioning this well-practiced escape artist, we taught James that he COULD run ---AROUND instead of AWAY! James was so thrilled that he got to do what he loved best, RUN!! And his satisfied owners could hardly believe he was the same dog that they'd brought to school only 14 days earlier.


Boodah, the adorable Pug came to Care Dog Training as a very lovable, spoiled sweetheart. It is hard not to look into those eyes and give him everything he wants. He was not listening to his loving owners when he started the program.  During training Boodah learned commands that will keep him safe outdoors as well as indoors. Boodah is shown here with two Border Terriers practicing a sit stay exercise. They are waiting for their rewards for a job well done.

I am so confident in my results after years of experience, that I GUARANTEE my training.


  • Call with any questions for a free consultation. 847 426 5089
  • Let's meet if you'd like, we can schedule a demonstration. 
  • Make the reservation  for your dog's training.
  • At the conclusion of your dog's stay, come back to have a reunion with your well-mannered dog. You'll both be delighted to see each other again. You will attend an orientation to learn how to lead your dog through its new skills.
  • Remember I guarantee the training for as long as you own your dog. I encourage follow up lessons. If you ever have issues with your dog again, just call me to help you for no additional training fees.  

Call us today 847 426 5089